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Interview NineteenTwentyNine x Me

These girls are the sweetest!
They did an interview with me...
Check their designs HERE & Blog HERE

For those of you who may or may not know: this pretty lady is one gold wearin- beautiful gold curly locks havin-sick profile shot- model posin-fresh to death fashionista-BLOGGER~ EMMA NICOLE… the two of us recently discovered that we have everything under the sun in common and I was supper stoked to hear that she was down to do an interview w/me (Jazz)– that was filled with love, girl talk, and of course we got our FASHi-On
peep it:

Jazz: You seem to be one worldwide chick, tell everyone who Emma Nicole is, and how you started blogging.
Emma Nicole: Well Emma Nicole is a Swedish Spaniard with a lil drop of that spanish gypsyblood (which I blame the unconditional love of gold for). I was born and raised by my moms in Stockholm and since I consider myself a nomad, I have it in me to constantly move and see new places aswell as faces.
I started blogging to kind of make my own personal scrapbook for myself, where I post random creative pictures/videos that inspire me and just basically makes ME happy to look at.
I definetely wanted it to be ALL pictures and limited writing, I mean uuugh..ain’t we all tired of them “todays outfit” or “this is what my breakfast looked like and how you cook it” blogs?
When I moved to L.A a while ago I just continued blogging.

Jazz: Now you and my partner in crime Ms. Alma Meza have something in common:
you ladies both rock rompers, is that one of your fashion staples?
Emma Nicole: I absolutely luuuv rompers/jumpsuits/one-pieces in any style that they come…
I wouldn’t say it’s a fashion staple but people that know me well, know that I go wild when I see them in the stores. I actually had to stop myself today as I was walking up to the counter to pay for this longsleeved one with zippers, but I had to leash myself and realize that I have like 453279 black jumpsuits already…haha

Jazz: So you call LA home now right? Where are some of your places to shop and chill out.
Emma Nicole:
Umm LA is definetely one of my homes yes…To be honest I haven’t been out and about here much since I moved here in August, compared to when me and my girl Wasi was here a year ago.
We would just find pleasure in walking down any street and remind ourselves that we were actually in LA.
I try to pinch myself in the arm still, to get that feeling. And I do…
When it comes to shoppin, the little ghetto malls in Inglewood/Crenshaw is actually where I find these different fly ass lil things at, and Downtown LA is just a shopping paradise to me..I mean 1 dollar earrings, it don’t get no better! But I also really appreciate vintage stores and some of the “commercial” stores like American Apparel, H&M and the jewelery department of Forever21.
Venice Beach is the place when you just want to chill and look at all these weirdos but what I really love to do in LA is the uncomplex things, like I love to ride around in a car when it’s dark outside, turn the music up and just observe all the colorful lights swishing by you in the dark.

Jazz: What’s a typical day like for you, name 3 things you have to do each day.
Emma Nicole: A typical day for me is pretty boring…it would be to:
1.Wake up and check the new videos on worldstarhiphop real quick…
2.Go to school….where I find it hard to focus because I be sitting in my own world just planning all the projects I want to do in the future.
3.Either hang out with somebody or go out, so that I feel like that day has a story to tell.

Jazz: Who are some of your favorite designers, or “it” chicks in the fashion game right now?
Emma Nicole: I don’t really have favourite designers, I find some pieces here and there to favourize instead. But Jeremy Scott is ILL, Dsquared2 usually be working it, Chanel is just classic, Gareth Pugh and Thierry Mugler are very creative too.I don’t really follow designers to be honest.
It feels soo unoriginal to say but Amber Rose and Rihanna are really killing the fashion game right now. Their style is soo dope to me. Video director Va$htie is fly. Kelis sense of style was real fresh a couple of years ago and can’t forget Grace Jones is still iconic too. I find A LOT of inspiration from men and their styles though. Taz from N.A.S.A and Fonzworth Bentley are Kings when it comes down to it. Kanye too of course.

Jazz: Do you have a recipe for sick style? if so, what are some of your favorite fashion items?
Emma Nicole:
Hmm I can’t really name sick style in one category only, to me sick style is when you wear whatever you want to wear and you’re original with it.
Like, I can think that these one pair of pants are butt ugly and would never find myself wearing them, but I could find another person rocking them while luving it and makin it original, as being real sick to me. Creativity is truly a beautiful thing.
But me personally, I can’t have enough of jumpsuits, loosefitted sweatshirts and gold jewelery at the moment. I have small obsession for 3-finger rings too.

Jazz: What trends do you love? And to counter that, what are some wack ass trends you want to see go away?
Emma Nicole: I just constantly adopt new trends/styles to love. I have for a long long time adored the street style of the New York 80’s, with the doorknockers, colorful clothes and all that (before that whole crazy mainstream trend started). And I love the new school 80’s trend too, with the crazy patted shoulders, and the clear focus on geomatric and sharp shapes.
I have always loved the old school Chanel look, with the tailorfitted matching costumes and classy elements with the classical gold chains. I find so much inspiration by looking at old classy looking ladies and their sense of style and matching. The Golden Girls are bomb! And on the other hand I love the crazy comic influences that Jeremy Scott brings to fashion with crazy patterns, colors and oversized details. Best of all, would be to find the perfect combination of all these put together. I love to blend contrasts. And I always top it off with some crazy ass nail design, it’s like the cherry on top.
Any trend that becomes too mainstream and too popular, is wack to me. When people try too hard, they seem to die hard too. And that is a wack trend right there.

Jazz: What type of girl are you: do you beat bitches down with one glance, or really beat bitches down physically?
Emma Nicole: I find the best way of bringing a bitch down, that is in need of it…is just ignoring her. Not even looking that bitch’s way shows that you ain’t even trying to waste a single second of your precious time on somebody like her.And that shows who the stronger woman is.



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Rainy Sunday x RECESSION RENEGADES Block Party x Echo Park

[Like Always Ending up in the studio..crucial]



Oooch det blev Mami som ringde mig idag....Jag älskar henne.

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Samtal från Andra Sidan.

Wasima ringde mig igår...jag älskar henne....Anna ringde mig idag...jag älskar henne...vem ska ringa mig imorn ?


Want Pizza Pluuuto?


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Mos Def - No Hay Nada Mas

[The calm in his Words are Untouchable ..."Claro que si la verdad"]


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