Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sometimes Eye Cry.

Before the corruption of its meaning in the 1940s by numerous gangs, the tear drop tattoo has had an even longer history dating even as far as the 1920s. Symbolizing the loss of a loved on, be it family or freind, or for a wife when one is away at war. Despite its murder count and prison time meanings, it is a display of closure from death.
An empty tear signifies that the loved one has been killed or that the bearer has unsuccessfully attempted murder.A filled tattoo signifies that a loved one has taken his or her own life, or was killed by a cause other than murder (car crash, death penalty, etc.) A tear with an empty top and a full bottom means that the wearer has avenged the murder of a loved one.
Tear tattoos, when given in prison, primarily indicate that the bearer has murdered someone, either in or out of jail. In Australian prisons, teardrop tattoos are often forcibly given to convicted child molestors by other inmates. The tattoo can also be given to commemorate a loved one who died while the wearer was incarcerated.
Source: Wikipedia & Urban dictionary

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