Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just finished reading Superhead's book...

No shame...kvinnan är slut i huvudet.
On Ja Rule; I just wanted to run to him and tear him apart. I wanted to suck his mouth and taste the liquor, to lick his neck and chest. I wanted the salt of his sweat to help me chase the heat of his kiss. Before I finished that thought, I had him there in my mouth and in those moments I was a beast. He squirmed and twisted his body in ways that almost frightened me… As I sucked and licked, he screamed, and suddenly grabbed both of his ankles as he threw them into the air. I was powerful at that moment. I'd discovered something new–I had the power here.
On Dr. Dre;It was very awkward, and it wasn't as if he drove me mad like Ja or Papa or even Fred. I felt nothing. I just knew this was an important man, one of the highest-paid, biggest-selling artist-producers in the world. As he got on top of me I was empty and cold. I stared
at his face, his eyes, and it was only when I ran his resume and status through my head that my insides began to feel warmer.
On Jay-Z; After a few moments of silence, Jay pulled out his penis, covered it with a condom, and placed his hand on the back of my head. I was being a good girl, thanking him and proving my worthiness of the kindness he had shown. I was doing what I had been thaught. We carried on in the car for a while and headed back to the set, as if nothing had happened.

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