Sunday, September 21, 2008

"It ain't trickin If u got it"

We hear it everywhere. It's like the rappers sentence-of-the-year.
Some agree, some don't. I looked it up.

"Trickin is when a dude gives ridiculous amounts of money and gifts to women to try and gain their affection. Tricks spend their last dime and run up all their credit cards on women. You usually call a guy a "trick" in a demeaning way... A lot of dudes, when they're being cocky or want to express how wealthy they are, will say it's not really trickin if you have more than enough money to do it."

"Example: If Bill Gates spends 4 million on a ring for a woman it really isn't considered trickin' your cash because thats just a tiny portion of his wealth. But if somebody who is working a minimum wage job spends majority of his earnings on women when he already doesn't have that much its considered trickin'. Its just depends on your income and how bad it would hurt your pocket to spend xxxx amount of dollars on whatever you buy."

"Spending a whole lot of money on gold diggin' women is a bad thing. But to justify that they say since I got alot of money it doesn't really hurt me that much to spend it."

"You both have the same goal in mind."

"That term was created for n**gas that trick and want to justify it."

Lil wayne, Got money:
-"Bitch ain't shit but a hoe in a trick, Bet you no one ain't trick if you got it, You know we ain't f**king if you not thick "

Lil wayne, A milli:
"-So when she ask for the Money when you through don't be surprised bitch, It ain't trickin if u got it, But u like a bitch with no ass u ain't got shit"

Huey, Pop, lock & Drop it:
"-It ain't trickin if u got it, We got it and I ain't givin', just bounce it and roll wit it"

Gorilla Zoe, Hood nigga:
"-On the highway,trickin out majic city every monday,it aint trickin if you got it dats wut i say,U say?i say and wut i say goes ."

T.I, Whatever you like:
"-Everybody know it ain't trickin' if you got it And you ain't never ever gotta go in yo' wallet "

Ludacris, What them Girls like:
"-So, shop till you drop, or till it makes you psychotic,Heres a triple Black Card, it aint trickin IF YOU GOT IT!"


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